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Date published: September 20th (Alexander the Great's birthday)

Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: The boys celebrate Alexander the Great’s birthday
Author Notes: For SERAFINA, who noticed the date (9/20) and issued the challenge on TWOP.
Archiving: Feel free to share and share alike. Archived at Lexslash and SSA
Disclaimer: If they were mine, I’d rule the world. But they’re not, so I’ll settle ruling my own little universe.


“Hi, Clark! Is that a cake? What’s the occasion?”

“Oh, like you don’t know.”

Eyebrows raised and maybe he didn‘t give Clark enough credit, but this was ridiculous. “You *do* know?”

Clark tilted the cake box down so Lex could see through the cellophane, then turned and set it down on the desk, scooting his papers aside in the process.

Clark never ceased to amaze him. “Happy Birthday Alexander The Great. I would love to have heard you ordering that.” Lex chuckled as he stood and walked around the desk to take flannel and muscle into his arms.

“Yeah, they thought I was high or something, I think. I had to buy number candles instead of regular ones though - no way we could fit 2,358 candles on there.” Clark’s laugh muffled against Lex’s neck, and that was *definitely* his favorite way to hear Clark’s voice.

Lex stepped back and leaned over the cake box to take another look. It wasn‘t just thoughtful. It was downright saccharine. “How did you know?”

“Saw it in that book you gave me. Which, by the way, I finished last night.”

“Really? I didn’t think you’d even bother with it.”

Clark rolled his eyes and shook his head. “You really don’t know me at all, do you?”

“Well, if this is any indication,” Lex nodded his head towards the cake on his desk, “then no, I guess I don’t. I would never have guessed that you’d remember something so trivial, Clark. Let alone… do anything like this.”

Lex pressed close, the boy’s arms sliding tight around him, and whispered in Clark’s ear. “You finished the book.”

Clark’s breath hot on his neck and fingers digging into his back. “I read every word.”

“Then you know.” Lex nibbled at the earlobe and exhaled slowly in Clark’s ear. “You know that he was… like us.”

Soft curls brushed Lex’s face as the young man nodded. The vibration of a moan sank into his throat as he reached down and started unfastening his own belt. Clark’s mouth sucked at his neck and slid along his Adam’s apple, then up over his chin and covered his mouth.

Lex closed his eyes against the watercolor light from the stained glass windows and tilted his head back, pushing firmly down on Clark’s shoulders. Enough of a clue if his open pants weren’t enough for Clark to get the message. A smart kid though, and Lex could count on it, could bank on it. Clark’s tongue licked hard and hot along his jaw, down to his shoulder, then left a slick trail to his chest.

A nipple sucked, rolled gently in teeth and pulled and yes, God, Alexander the Great would have loved this - would have had this everyday. Would have *owned* Clark.

A thick, wet line drawn to his stomach, a quick bite that made him jerk with anticipation and then Clark's fingers sliding inside the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down. No warning or teasing, just warmth, wet and deep. Lips a tight circle almost around the base of his cock and Clark’s tongue cradling and licking, his throat massaging, pulling him deeper. Alexander would have had that done to him, too. Could have ordered it done. Commanded it. “Yes, Clark, swallow, oh fuck. Suck me Clark. Now, God, yes… now look at me.”

Hazel eyes blinked open and it was not quite a question, though it might have been, if there was anything left unanswered between them. Clark’s eyes burning into his and he wanted to look away, wanted to just feel and not *feel* but he couldn’t. Couldn’t find the place where he didn’t want more than the sensations.

Clark’s hands spread wide on his ass and Lex ran gentle fingers through the only hair he’d been able to call his own in years, even if it was on someone else‘s head. He wanted to brush it, wash it, and God, he had to do that sometime. Scenes like ancient 8 millimeter film flickered through his head and he saw himself and Clark, together in a bathhouse. Lavender wafting through the air, steam rising from the pool where he and Clark soaked. Marble pillars and stone everywhere and flowing robes instead of wool suits and ties.

Rhythm on his cock turning ragged and it wasn’t Clark’s fault because Lex’s hands clenched around fistfuls of that hair and pulled. Powerful enough to do this to Clark, honest enough that Clark would never disobey, never deny him this. Fast, pumping thrusts that landed on the back of Clark’s throat and earned him a grunt every time he made contact. Beautiful boy on his knees, taking this like a man.

Taking pain and maybe humiliation and definitely a dose of suffocation as Lex arched back and came down his throat, hips thrusting, hard then slamming in as deep as he could and freezing there to savor every pulse of orgasm.

Pulled out of the slick, soft heat and smoothed a sweat-soaked curl away from Clark’s eye. “You okay?”

Clark stood, burying himself in Lex’s shoulder, and panted hot into the skin there. “Uh-huh. Jesus, Lex. That was-”

“I know.”

There was truth to be found here, and Lex caught it before the moment could slip away.

Alexander the Great had probably craved this, too. Someone to answer his stonewalled emotions with the quiet gentleness of admiration and the innocence of a pure heart. A person that he could give so much of himself to that he would never really be able dominate them again. They would always hold his emotions in the palm of their hand. Maybe ruling the world simplified love.

Completely liberated from the weight of repression, even if he had to pretend it was still there. The rest of the universe would never guess, and Lex knew neither of them would ever tell.


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