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~ Green Reflection ~

Pub Date: 12/28/02

Pairing: Clark/Lex

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: None

Summary: Clex on the beach (well, almost). Monet's "Water Lilies - Green Reflection" can be found at: http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/wm/paint/auth/monet/waterlilies/monet.wl-green.jpg

Author Notes: Thanks to DCook, Roses and LadyFlowDi who betaed this puppy at the speed of lightning! Chocolate starfish for all of you!

Disclaimer: If they were mine, I wouldn't be writing about this, I'd be doing it. Well... okay, at least I'd be watching it.

Feedback: My drug of choice.

Cheeks stinging with the first biting hint of chapped skin, Lex closed his eyes and inhaled the damp, salty air. The wooden chaise creaked beneath his effort to find comfort and a splinter pricked the bottom of his heel, threatening to work its way in. A gull called a morning greeting somewhere over the house. The world was his to observe, endless and open; his to dismiss as he focused on the details he valued so much.

The setting wasn't the familiar quiet of Monet's lily-covered pond in a blurry, pastel world, but the even, blending lines of sky and water and sand were just as surreal, just as perfectly suited to his mood.

The beach was dotted with debris, the long expanse of tan interrupted by the deep browns and greens of marine litter. Nighttime storms had purged the ocean of its filth, leaving the sun to rise and gleam on the clear, virgin waters. The first rays were cool and strikingly bright, piercing his eyes but doing nothing to counter the effects of the chill breeze that rippled against his skin and the water.

Grains of sand scratched too-smooth skin as Lex turned toward the creak of weathered hinges.

Clark's tousled mop of loose curls lifted and danced to life under the cool fingers of wind as he opened the door of the deck. A child, still in his quarter-century's worth of years, Clark stood with his shoulders hunched and didn't bother to cover a long, wide yawn. Wrapped in fuzzy fleece from knees to shoulders as if the cold could touch him, throat disappearing long and golden under the bunched edge of blanket, Clark straightened in a stretch that would have been better appreciated without the cloak.

Lex tilted his chin up as timeless, unconscious beauty stepped barefoot across the deck and bent to kiss him lightly on the lips, bearing no trace of the passionate urgency of the night before. Over too soon, the air of casualness falling heavily on his shoulders, Lex felt his mouth curving into a smile before he realized what he was smiling about.

Warmth slid down his face and brushed over his lips once before Clark stepped back again and the blanket slid from his shoulders. Before Lex could protest, it was covering his legs and Clark was turning his back to look at the waves that splashed in a dependable cadence on the shore.

The sunlight beamed higher, long rays reaching out over the water to highlight and play on Clark's features and line his nudity with shadows of the deck railings. Lex didn't regret the company; the sunrise was more spectacular when Clark was there to absorb and reflect it.

Without turning to him, without looking, Clark spoke softly into the wind. "Are you okay, Lex?"

The creak of old wood betrayed his movement and Clark looked away from the ocean. Lex stilled him with a hand on his back as he moved to stand close behind the bronze skin that drank in the rays of morning's first victory.

Wrapping his arms around the velvet skin of Clark's waist, he tilted his chin up to whisper in Clark's ear. "I'm always okay."

Clark's face bumped against Lex's nose as he turned and nuzzled closer. "Please don't do that with me."

Lex swallowed the smart-ass remark in his throat and tightened his grip, words muffled against Clark's back. "I'm sorry. Still getting used to this, I guess."

They stood looking out at the sparking tips of the waves, Lex's chest rising to press against the flawless canvas of summer-hued skin. He grinned against Clark's shoulder when his hand was lifted and kissed.

"After five years, you'd think you'd be used to me knowing you as well as I do."

"Five years." Lex slipped his hand from underneath Clark's and rubbed slowly down the trail of hair on Clark's belly, fingers playing and teasing there before dipping lower. "You'd think I'd be over you by now."

Clark's hair tickled on his chin and neck as Clark's head fell back to lay heavily on his shoulder. He could see Clark's mouth opening, drawing in the thick ocean air, tongue licking out over red lips. One shuddering, deep breath and Clark's cock rose to meet the hand that Lex wrapped around it.

Long eyelashes touched blushing cheeks and Clark's arm rubbed against his side as he reached back to cup Lex's ass, to pull him closer. "You'll never be over me. That's the beauty of it."

"Really? I thought the beauty of it was the fucking." Lex jacked him slowly, stroking in perfect unison with the rhythm of the waves that lapped at the sand.

Clark's sighs, his moans, were lost under the quiet cacophony of the early morning beach coming to life. A gull flapped by, hoping for a morsel of the bread Clark liked to throw to them.

Lex smiled against his ear, then licked and bit lightly when Clark arched and hissed his approval.

Closing his eyes against the familiar flavor on his taste-buds, Lex licked slowly down Clark's neck, pausing to suck until Clark moaned and rubbed back against him.

They knew each other, knew the boundaries that they'd established, and knew also how hard they could be pushed, how far they could be stretched. His face buried in the softness of smooth skin, Lex hummed and kissed before licking his lips and whispering into an ear that tilted towards his mouth, eager to hear.

"I could take you right here."

Clark's blush deepened but his hand tightened on Lex's ass and his voice broke, quiet and strained. "Yes..."

Lex released his cock and Clark moved to face him, but Lex caught one shoulder in his strongest grip and Clark paused, then turned back around. One hand pressed insistently between Clark's shoulder blades, Lex urged him towards the railing of the deck, towards the ocean.

The sun licked their skin, heating a little, but the fleeting warmth was no match for the ice of wind-cooled skin, even beneath the blinding rays. Clark's hands curled into fists over the wooden railing and he glanced back over his shoulder, the questioning smile there making him look even younger.

Hand still pumping the solid length of Clark's cock, Lex squinted against the bright light, searching the edges of the watery horizon.

Clark's expression froze, his eyes narrowing when he realized what Lex was doing. "It's... there's no one out there." Clark's voice wavered, sounding very much like the fear of a 20 year-old Lex had let come to him.

"I know."

Lex gripped one hip, pulling Clark back against him, hand gliding in swift strokes over Clark's length. The waves crashed out of sync, his rhythm doubling and tripling their slow, steady rise and fall. Lex lowered himself to his knees, sucking regrettable non-marks onto honey skin, tasting the distinct flavor of each line of muscle from shoulders to the backs of knees. He released the cock in his hand slowly, giving Clark time to catch up, then took Clark's hand and turned him around.

Lex looked up into eyes that lowered to meet his. Closing his eyes against the words that wouldn't bubble out, he leaned forward and took Clark in his mouth. Lips tight around the base, nose poking gently into Clark's stomach, eyes squeezed shut, Lex swallowed pride and cock in one swift motion. He picked up the rhythm he'd found with his hand and used it, reaching up to grasp Clark's ass, kneading the flesh there until deep sighs grew into moans that vibrated low in Clark's belly, against Lex's lips.

Clark sagged back against the railing, hands sliding along the wood and gripping there. Sand cut like primitive glass into Lex's knees, stinging his bare skin. The wind picked up and blew gust after gust over them, roaring fuzzy and loud in his ears. Somewhere behind him, he heard the thick, muted snap of the blanket being whipped around.

Lex ran his hands up and down the backs of Clark's thighs. The sounds that usually built and grew as he sucked Clark off were drowning in the rough caresses of wind, in the washing of the waves on the sand. Lex picked Clark's voice out of the noise and fed on it, his pace quickening, his hands squeezing.

"Oh fuck, Lex. Yes..."

Lex sucked hard, nose flat against Clark's belly as he pumped and chanted his answer in his head. * Come for me... Just a little bit more... yes, that's it... fuck yes, come for me.*

Lex cupped Clark's ass and jerked him forward, plunging the cock deep into his throat.

Slipping off and on, swallowing hard as Clark's hips pumped, riding his orgasm out in Lex's mouth. Lex wrapped his soul in the sound of his name spilling from Clark's lips like a prayer given wings by the wind.

Hot and thick, salty like the air Lex pulled in through his nose, Clark's cum flooded his palate. Lex pulled off when the force of the first spurts slowed, when Clark's thrusts gentled. He caught the slick heat on his palm, hand sheathing Clark as the shudders and groans of release eased into satisfied sighs.

Clark turned around and propped his forearms on the railing, spreading his legs and lowering his head, his back stretched and shimmering with sand and sweat. Lex stepped close, belly warming against Clark's ass, hands curling around hips and fingers rubbing hard and low in the creases of legs and torso. Clark's feet shifted further apart, ass rubbing a plea back against Lex's cock.

One hand on the small of Clark's back, Lex leaned away just long enough to stroke the fruits of Clark's orgasm over his cock. Lex grinned at the writhing, anxious motions of Clark's hips. Hands reaching around to close over and pinch his nipples, Lex stole a glance at the face of his angel. Clark was blushing a brilliant pink, eyes hungry and demanding.

They'd come a long way from eyefucks in the barn.

Positioning himself against Clark's ass, Lex pressed inside, hissing breaths coming from both of them as he inched in. The sheath of Clark's body squeezed around him, muscles adjusting, stretching around the thickness of his cock. His heart beat in the veins there, pulsing hard and fast against the heat of friction as he began to move.

The wind stole bits of their voices, moans trailing down the beach before Lex was done with them. He kept his eyes open, reading the strawberry lips that turned over Clark's shoulder and strained to beg him, calling his name, urging him deeper. Lex filled in the windy blanks in his ears; he didn't need to hear the words to know how they sounded coming from Clark's lips. His own words echoed in his head, mixing with Clark's and the wind, driving him harder inside the impossibly tight body he knew so well.

God, yes... Fuck Clark... oh fuck yes... open up for me... that's it... fuck yes...

Clark's hand reached back and squeezed hard on his ass, pulling him deeper, drawing a soul-born moan from both of them. Clark straightened, pushing up from the railing and twisting his neck around to meet Lex's lips.

Clark's sweat-slicked back rubbed low on his belly as they kissed. Bodies pressed so tightly together that Lex couldn't find the place where he ended and Clark began, he wrapped his arms around Clark's chest and held still, savoring the sweet, rare absence of duality.

Clark's lips moved against his, forming words he'd heard before, a thousand times over.

The whisper broke their kiss and the wind thundered in Lex's ears, cutting off all thought and leaving him with the ever-quickening rhythm of his thrusts, with the hips straining back to meet his, with the mouth that opened again, hot and insistent, straining to claim his.

He felt a moan humming against his teeth as Clark's back arched on the next push in. Lex fell against him, hands gripping the rough wooden railing on either side of Clark, using it as leverage as he thrust deeper inside. Clark's hips took over as Lex tensed and jerked, orgasm rocking him from the controlled beat of his rhythm. Clark pushed back hard against him as he pulsed inside, as he called Clark's name to the sun and waves and wind. They carried it away, and Lex closed his eyes against their brilliant retreat, his forehead resting slick and sweaty on Clark's back.

When he finally relaxed his grip on the railing and ran his open palms up Clark's chest, Clark started to turn. Lex slowly pulled away, slipping from Clark's tight warmth to the cool, hated freedom of the air. Clark took his hand and led him to the chaise, bending to pick up the blanket and drape it over the chair before lying down and opening arms and legs in an unabashed invitation.

The fleece of the blanket stuck to his skin when Clark reached over the side of the chair and pulled one corner of it up over them both, but it was warm and felt better than the sickening cold wind drying the sweat on his back. Lex tucked one arm under the back of Clark's neck and let the other rest on his chest. He laid his head down there, feeling oddly vulnerable as Clark kissed his forehead.

Insecurities were for another day.

Today was real, not something he wanted to deny or question.

He raised his head just long enough to capture Clark's mouth in a kiss that had nothing to do with the raw sex they'd just shared, and everything to do with the emotion that fueled it. He pressed one ear to Clark's chest, closing his eyes. Listening to the duality of Clark's slow, steady heartbeat and heavy breathing in one ear and the reassuringly predictable crash of waves in the other, Lex shrugged off the last of his own inhibitions.

"I love you. I always have."

A long sigh lifted Clark's chest, lifted Lex's head as it lay there. Lex didn't look up; he didn't have to. He felt the smile form on Clark's lips, heard the quickening of his heartbeat. Clark's arms tightened around him. When the thrum of Clark's heart finally slowed again and Clark's hands loosed their grip, Lex closed his eyes and drifted off.

He dreamed of Clark and the ocean and awoke to the sound of Clark's voice, low and soft in his ear. "Happy anniversary, Lex."



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