The There series was the first thing I wrote in any fandom, and was definitely a learning experience. I have not re-written this series, but left it as an example of my earliest writing.

The There series was the first thing I wrote in any fandom, and was definitely a learning experience. I have not re-written this series, but left it as an example of my earliest writing. In this series, there are two versions of each fic - one written in Lex's point of view and one written in Clark's point of view. I hope you enjoy reading them!


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~ Cover By Goss ~


~ Chapter VI: Right There ~


Original Pub Date: 3/11/03

Series: There (#6)

Codes: Clark/Lex

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season one

Summary: Clark and Lex at the penthouse, cont'd (finally). <g> Clark's POV / Number 6 in the THERE series / Companion piece to There In No Time

Author Notes: So many people encouraged this one, and I just want to thank you all for your unwavering support of the There series, and of me. You guys are so patient and forgiving, even after nearly 6 months. Special thanks to Dana, Philtre, Soap, Kathryn and Ilexa, without whom this fic wouldn't have happened. This series is forever and always dedicated to Goss, who introduced me to slash and made me dance. // O.I. tonight

Archiving: SSA, Symbiosis (courtesy of the lovely Amandajane) & Lexslash

Disclaimer: If they were mine, I wouldn't be writing about this, I'd be doing it. Well... okay, at least I'd be watching it.

Feedback: One thing we should have all learned from Lex Luthor by now: don't hesitate.

"You meet Chloe for lunch, I'll take the helicopter to the plant and back, and we'll meet here at six and order dinner in."

Lex pulled on his jacked and smiled at Clark's reflection as he adjusted his tie in the foyer mirror.

Clark stood still, just staring back at Lex, a small smile curving on his lips as he took in every inch of his lover.


He blinked and shook his head quickly, reaching into the dish on the table in front of them, retrieving the keys. "Sounds like a plan to me."

"A day to explore Metropolis on your own - it won't be so bad, will it?"

"No, it's fine, Lex. We can't be together every minute." Clark looked sideways at Lex, smiling. "And I'm not two, you know?"

Lex turned, milking the move for every ounce of drama. "I'm hurt, Clark! You're not going to miss me today?"

Clark shrugged, "I think I can manage."

"Just remember that when Chloe's blubbering on your shoulder, begging you not to be gay." Lex's voice was tinged with acid.

"Chloe doesn't blubber. Besides, she's not as bad as your father." Clark slid the penthouse keys into Lex's jacket pocket, then held out the wallet Lex had left on the dresser. "You're the one who's going to be missing me, if you can tear yourself away from work long enough."

"This is important, Clark. You know that." Lex frowned into the mirror, then bumped his shoulder into Clark's. "Besides, you're not two, you know."

Clark instantly regretted the comment, and grinned but didn't feel it, then started talking to fill the awkward silence. "So, we're agreed that Chloe should know that we're together, and that we're keeping a low profile until we can tell my parents and..." Clark grimaced at the ceiling, looking for the words Lex had used.

"She's not to breathe a word upon penalty of death."

Clark turned, leaning back on the small table, one hand absently reaching to straighten the tie that Lex had just set askew. "Right. Okay, I can do this."

Lex smiled and smoothed his collar down. "You can do this, Clark. Hell, I wish I had it as easy."

"Jeez, Lex. I'm sorry - I know you're worried about the plant. Your dad's probably just blowing smoke. He likes to keep you guessing."

"Don't be too sure. He's very good at getting what he wants." Lex stepped away, pulling the keys from his pocket and tossing them back to Clark, who caught them despite his immediate protests. "That's your set, Clark."

Clark's mouth dropped open and Lex grinned at him, pulling his own set of keys from his left pocket, shaking them just a little. "Left-handed. Remember?"

Clark looked down in his hand and saw the same keychain Lex had tried to give him in the Talon, when he'd first offered the penthouse to him.

The sound of the door opening pulled his attention back to Lex, who raised his eyebrows at him. "See you at six."

Before Clark could find the words, Lex was gone, replaced by the penthouse door staring him starkly in the face.

"Chloe Sullivan, please."


"Chloe. Sullivan."

"Yeah, sugar, I got that one. What's yours?"

"Oh, sorry. Clark Kent. I'm her-"

The receptionist chewed her face as she thumbed the button on her intercom. "Miss Sullivan, there's someone tall, dark and handsome to see you."

The blue-shadowed eyes batted at him and Clark turned away, walking towards the door Chloe had come out of on their last visit to the Planet.

Her blonde mop bounced through the door a fraction of a second later and Clark grabbed her arm, all but dragging her out of the building.

"What's with the smash and grab job, Clark? You in a hurry to get somewhere?" Chloe yanked her jacket back in place and planted herself on the sidewalk, hands on her hips, waiting for an answer.

Clark sighed and let go of her, smoothing her sleeve back into place. "That receptionist bugs me."

"Oh yeah, beautiful woman, flirting with you. That must be torture." Chloe could make a living teaching expressions, and the `yeah, right' eye-roll was one of Clark's favorites.

"I don't-" He would have finished, but Chloe was already giggling and walking away, towards a cafe at the corner.

"Come on, tall, dark and handsome, lemme buy you a coffee."

Inside, she ordered two of her usual. She must've forgotten his favorite, and that was just fine with him. Maybe it was a sign that she was moving on. Something in his chest relaxed, but when he swallowed, there was a lump in his throat.

"Chloe, listen, about me and Lex-"

Chloe was already shaking her head, cutting him off. "Mum's the word, Clark, I swear. The last thing you need at the beginning of a relationship is someone demanding an explanation. And don't bother going into details for my benefit. I don't want to know how it happened."

She said it mid-sip and Clark choked on his coffee, coughing and wiping his chin. "You don't?"

Chloe's mischievous smile lit up her face, and Christ, it was easy to see her beauty when she was just shining like that. "Well... maybe someday. But for now? No. I do feel a little better about the dance though."

He knew he must look ridiculous - six feet, four inches of meek - as he slumped in his chair, hanging his head. "Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that."

"Right, Clark. In between cleaning up the farm and vacationing with Lex, there just wasn't time to call and apologize for leaving me standing there in - Jesus Christ - was I wearing pink taffeta? I would have left me there too." She scoffed into her coffee and took another sip, hiding a flush that Clark was sure was a betrayal of something else.

He sat up a little, leaning forward on the table, bringing their heads closer together. There was just no way to apologize for being gay, and he really didn't want to. But this wasn't about him and Lex, it was about bumbling over Chloe on his way to Lex.

"I should have said something before then, but I was still..."

"Trying to fit the mold?" Chloe pressed a plastic lid onto her coffee and tore the little tab back, flipping it between her fingers as she spoke. "I get it, Clark. No excuses, okay? I don't mind that I was your beard - let's just not make a habit of it, okay?"

"Yeah. But Chloe? I'm sorry. I kind of..." Clark reached across the table and touched her hand. "...Steamrolled you. I didn't mean to."

Chloe's hand curled into his own, her fingers delicate and soft despite her tough exterior. She was a princess in tomboy's clothing, and he'd known it for years. Loved that most about her maybe.

"And I was totally oblivious to the fact that you're gay. I think we're even." She grinned wide, the same smile he'd known since he was a kid, the one he'd spent hours of his life trying to eek out of her during tough times. Maybe she could never be more than this, but this, this was plenty.

He rubbed his thumb gently over the back of her small hand. "I love you, Chloe."

Her smile relaxed, faltered just a little, then she shook her head and smiled wide. "I love you too, Clark Kent."

For a moment, he felt a rush of peace, of the pure fulfillment of connecting and being wholly understood by another person. And then she slid her hand from under his and reached down to retrieve her purse from the floor.

"I have to get back, Clark. Fifteen minute coffee breaks, can you believe that? It not even enough time to ingest enough caffeine to make it to the next one." She raised her cup at him, took a quick drink and stood. "Call me before you leave for home, okay? If I have more notice, I can get maybe get an afternoon off." And then she turned, walking towards the door.


She didn't stop and turn back to him and he almost called to her again, but the noise of the city outside was muffled as the door closed behind her. He watched her walk away, chin high and jaw set. As she stepped out of sight, she slid her sunglasses on.

Clark wandered the streets of Metropolis somewhat aimlessly for most of the afternoon, always sure to keep his beacon in sight - the Daily Planet building. The skyscrapers towered above him, shutting out the blue of the sky and emphasizing the claustrophobia of the city. He walked through the city park, up to the long row of museums and theatres, then made his way across Met U's campus, back towards downtown. The air was thicker along the streets, a sickly sweet and chalky taste to it, and it sat on his tongue even after he stepped inside the filtered air of Lex's building.

Lex wouldn't be home for another hour, so he would have time to get cleaned up, wash off the city grit. As he walked to the elevator, the concierge stepped up to him and stopped him with a hand extended for shaking.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Kent. I'm Roger Anderson. Mr. Luthor has asked me to personally deliver a message to you."

Clark shook his hand, then raised an eyebrow at him and tucked his hands into his jeans pockets. "Okay."

The man led Clark to the side and ducked his head, insuring that only he and Clark would hear the message. "Mr. Luthor wished for you to know that he will not be returning from his business trip tonight. I'm to provide any assistance you might require, and he will return to Metropolis tomorrow afternoon."

Clark caught himself staring silently at a marble tile and shook his head. "Thank you, Mr. Anderson. I'll let you know if I need anything, but I'm sure I won't."

They crossed the lobby to the elevator and the concierge reached out to hold the door open as Clark stepped inside. "Please give Mr. Luthor my best when he returns tomorrow."

The uniformed elevator attendant didn't budge, his hands crossed neatly in front of him in his ever-statuesque position. Clark ignored him for the moment, attention on Mr. Anderson, who seemed pretty damn eager to be of assistance to `Mr. Luthor's' guest. Lex must be paying extra for that. "Sure."

One gloved finger pressed the button for the penthouse and the doors dinged closed in front of him. He rode silently up, thanked the attendant and waited until the doors slid closed before falling back against the wall of the hallway.


It had to be bad if Lex would leave him alone like this. He knew that Clark could be in Smallville tonight, too, so his message was more than a courtesy. It was a request to stay away, a gentle but adamant order not to join him in Smallville tonight.

Clark shook his head and slipped the key into the lock, walking into the silence that waited for him. It was too quiet, and he grabbed the remote, flipping through half the channels before giving up and turning the TV off again, tossing the remote onto the couch. He went to the kitchen, rifling through the fridge and seeing nothing even remotely appetizing. He closed the door on too much health food and pressed his forehead against the cool metal door of the fridge. It had been a hot day, and he felt coated with the stench of the city, metallic and burnt smells clinging to him.

He'd take a shower, then decide how to kill the night alone. The bedroom was cavernous without Lex in it, without his jacket on the back of the desk chair and his briefcase by the wall. It felt like a hotel, not a temporary home.

Clark flopped back onto the bed and jerked a pillow over his face. He should have stayed in bed this morning. And now he had all night to kill, not just an hour. He sighed and inhaled the subtle flavor of Lex that lingered on the pillow covering his face. Just that, just the smell of Lex now... it was enough to tighten his jeans.

He shifted his hips, inhaling again, groaning his exhalation into the thin fabric and soft down. It was just one night; he'd live. Besides, God only knew what Lex was dealing with just then - probably some massive problem at the plant that would leave Lex no room for thoughts like the ones Clark was entertaining.

He tossed the pillow against the headboard and sighed. "Jesus, Kent, get a grip." He pushed off the bed and headed for the bathroom, stripping his shirt off and throwing it to the floor as he went. He couldn't do that when Lex was here. He also couldn't go through the medicine cabinet, pulling the caps off various toiletries and smelling them to find Lex's scent in the liquids and lotions. It wasn't in any of the little bottles, though.

Lex's toothbrush lay on the edge of the sink next to his own, a reminder more harsh than the leftover Lex-scent on the pillow. He snatched a towel from the rack and threw it over the shower wall, peeled off his shoes, socks and jeans and stepped inside. He went to work, sluicing the smog and city dust off of his skin, steam tendrils curling out over the shower walls and frosting the mirror until his wavy reflection disappeared entirely. He turned his back to the sprays, his hands curling on the metal bars as they had a week before when he hadn't been alone, when he'd realized he never wanted to be alone again.

The rush of the water on his skin only served to numb his mind, and all thoughts turned to Lex, narrowing and wrapping around and around until he was dizzy with the red-orange heat of Lex's face burning behind his eyelids. He squeezed his eyes tighter against the deluge of thoughts and water and reached for the faucet, turning the shower off.

Effectively cut off from tempting memories and creature comfort, he ran open hands down his arms and legs, down his chest and stomach, swiping the excess water away before reaching for the towel and wrapping it around his waist.

The hair on his arms and legs clung to his skin, small rivulets of water flowing down the lines and paths of muscle. He scrubbed dry - working fast so his body wouldn't mistake the touches for something more intimate. Funny how the separation of mind and body could be so hard to achieve sometimes.

In the bedroom, he dug through his bag for a moment, then smiled as a pair of Lex's boxers caught his eye. They must've gotten mixed up with his things one morning. Clark took the folded boxers to the dresser and tucked them neatly into the top drawer, careful to close it completely so Lex would never guess he'd had them. It would look so young for him to be in possession of something as obviously souvenir-like as a pair of Lex's underwear. He didn't need them anyway. Not tonight, that was for sure. He'd decided in the shower to try out some of Lex's habits, to see if they fit, while he had the rare gift of complete solitude.

He'd never slept nude before this weekend; never really had the chance under his parent's roof or the inclination to try it in the barn. But Lex slept nude every night as far as Clark knew, and it seemed to suit him well enough.

Clark pulled back the comforter and slid into bed, then reached under the covers and pulled the towel from around his waist, tossing it across the room.

The cool, clean slide of the sheets against his skin struck him as liberating and made him want to stretch. He flexed his muscles and reached up, grasping the headboard and stretching his body from head to toe. He groaned loudly with the relief of pulled, taut muscles finally going slack as the stretch ended and he sank into the bed. The friction against the smooth fabric was calling to him, and he turned on his side to avoid any further contact with the one part of him he knew wouldn't be satisfied tonight.

The pillow under his head was his own, but he caught another hint of Lex on it and turned his face just a little, mashing his nose into the spot. He closed his eyes and scooted across the bed, back onto Lex's pillow, this time pressing his face into it until he saw nothing but blue behind his closed eyes. "God, Lex..."

His own voice sounded sexy and rough, muffled by pillow, dripping with desire, edged with desperation. He rolled onto his belly and wriggled down into the almost imperceptible indentation that told him Lex always slept on this side of the bed, even when he didn't have company. The sheet was tight over his heels and he kicked up, yanking it out of its hospital corners and bending his leg as he turned his head from the scent and opened his eyes.

Lex's current book was lying on the bedside table, a page dog-eared out of some old college habit, Clark guessed. He reached over, running his fingers over the smooth, glossy cover, then down over the pages. The red of the cover reflected in the empty glass that always sat there, waiting for Lex's nighttime drink of water.

Clark sighed and ran his finger along the rim.

The phone startled him out of his dazed worship, making him knock over the empty glass and clumsily push the book to the floor in his effort to get the receiver. The loud ringing still cut through the silence and echoed in his ears as he put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hoped I'd find you there."

"Lex, hi! I was just-"

"Thinking about me?"

"How'd you- wait, this isn't the same line as the other phone, is it? I didn't hear that one ring."

"No, this is my line. You answered on the first ring, though. You're in bed."


"At eight o'clock. Are you okay? Did something happen?"

"Chloe kind of... she's okay with us, but it was weird."

"It'll take awhile, Clark. She's nursing some pretty deep wounds, I think."

"I know." Clark shook his head; he hated putting her through this, even if it wasn't his fault. "She won't tell though - she was really great about it."

"You know, if she doesn't tell anyone, she'll be the first reporter who earns my trust." Lex laughed. "And my gratitude."

"Her lips are sealed, trust me."


Clark sighed into the phone, "I wish you were here."

"Soon, Clark."

Silence gave him too much time to think about Chloe in that coffee shop, brave and forgiving. He shoved the thought from his mind and concentrated on Lex. "Was it as bad as you thought it would be at the plant today?"


Clark cringed at the word, picking up on the stress in Lex's voice. "Tomorrow will be better. We can stay in all night."

"Stay in, huh? I like the way you think."

Clark reached down and picked up the book, replacing it on the nightstand and righting the glass. "Did you eat, Lex? You should eat; you'll feel better."

"Stop." It was short, a complete dismissal.

Clark mentally kicked himself for the nagging and tried to cover. "I should talk. I didn't eat either. I was thinking about ordering pizza, but I'm not really hungry."

"You really did have a bad day." Lex's laugh sugar-coated the awkwardness and swallowed it whole.

"Shut up! I'm not always hungry, Lex. I mean, I do go hours without eating sometimes."

Lex laughed just a little, then cleared his throat. "I'm sorry about tonight. I have an early morning and I just thought this would be better. I'm beginning to rethink that opinion though."

"I could be there in no time."

Lex scoffed. "Literally."

"Yeah, literally."

"Tempting, but we'd better not. Too many people might notice."

Clark swallowed the lump in his throat and held his breath, waiting.

"Were you asleep?" And there it was - that little change in tone that Clark always listened for now, the one he took his cues from, the one that meant Lex wasn't thinking about anything but him.


"No, I just got in bed." Naked, still a little damp, the sheet clinging to him in places he didn't quite get dry. "I took a shower."

It sounded ludicrous, Jesus. But his tongue felt thick and embarrassment dried his mouth.

"I could use one." And fuck, the thought of a sweaty, work-weary Lex was almost as good as having him right there next to him.

"I'm on your side." Where did that come from? It was never good when things just flew out of his mouth.

An incoherent noise made him cock his head at the phone, like he'd be able to see Lex's reaction if he looked hard enough.

"Well, I should hope so."

"No, I'm on your side. Of the bed. You know, your side."

Lex's short "hmm" felt warm against his ear and Clark rolled onto his back, sliding his feet up and down the soft sheets restlessly.

"It smells like you and I..." Clark's face flushed hotly against the cool plastic of the phone, his fingers absently worrying the edge of the sheet. He closed his eyes and waited, hoping Lex would find some comfortable median and save him from himself.

"Put me on speakerphone."

Clark rolled back onto his side, thumbing the large oval button and hanging up the receiver before he let himself consider why in the world Lex would want him to do it. "Okay, but -"

"You have both hands free now."

It was too obvious, and Lex said it with too much forced patience. Clark sat up on the bed, swinging his legs over the side and digging his toes into the carpet.


He stood and headed for his towel, snatching it up to wrap it around his waist. "Yeah, Lex. I'm here."

"What are you doing? You sound like you're across the room."

Clark crossed back to the phone, kneeling on the floor just in front of it, the towel stretched taut over his thighs and the hem digging into his belly. Lex needed bigger towels.

"I'm here, I was just getting... dressed... sort of." Clark licked his lips and settled back, his heels pressing hard into his ass. He shifted, but that just made things worse, so he moved back and tried to concentrate on not saying anything stupid.

"Are you going somewhere?"

Lex's tease made him grin, and some of the tension melted away. He pushed himself up off the floor and sat on the edge of the bed, elbows leaning on his thighs, smiling. "No."

"Good." Lex's calm soothed Clark's nerves, grounded him a little. "Are you back on the bed yet?"

"Yeah, I'm..." Clark kicked his legs up and tucked them under the covers, reached down to adjust his towel and folded his hands behind his head as he laid back down. "... I'm lying down again." Lex's breath was soft, but Clark sought out the sound, closing his eyes to catch every tiny nuance. He took a deep breath and smiled at his blushing boldness. "Where are you?"

"Not on my own side, apparently." Lex's smirk traveled by fiber optic too. Clark smiled wide enough for Lex to hear.

The pause crackled with the distance between them, and Clark twined a stray string from the edge of the sheet between his fingers.

When the silence was broken, Clark jumped just a little.

"Clark, I'd like you to do something for me." It barely sounded like Lex at all, his voice a low, unpolished version of Lex's.

He knew what the something was going to be, but he took a deep breath and pretended not to. "Uh-huh?"

"What did you put on?"

"A towel." Clark swallowed his embarrassment, his hand tightening on the comforter. He wanted to try this, didn't know how to even begin to resist Lex's voice. He searched for an excuse that would make this seem less contrived. "It's a little wet."

A small laugh, like Lex knew Clark was just as desperate for this and knew too that he was trying to make it all less awkward. "Take it off, then."

"Right." Clark reached under the covers, not daring to look down at himself as he slipped the towel from around his waist and dropped it over the side of the bed. "Okay, it's... off."

"Close your eyes." It was soft, almost a whisper.

Clark obeyed, surprised by the liberation just that made him feel. He tucked one hand under the covers and traced slow lines up and down his thigh, careful not to move his hips. The small line of potential friction that the sheet presented by lying against his cock was too much to allow himself without Lex's permission.

"Okay, they're closed."

The phone crackled again, and Clark swore he heard Lex take a long, deep breath.

"You have to be my hands, Clark." He'd known it was coming and still, he felt the words heating low in his belly.

"Oh... okay."

"Tell me what you feel."

It sounded easy, but Clark hesitated and he pulled his hand from beneath the sheet and lifted it to his face. Lex always started with kisses. He licked out to wet two fingers, then drew them slowly across his lips. "I want to kiss you - I miss your mouth."

The silence lasted too long, and Clark opened his eyes and looked at the phone to make sure the light was still on, to make sure he wasn't alone. "Lex?"

"I'm right here, Clark. Keep going."

He sighed as quietly as he could and closed his eyes again, forcing the tension from his neck and shoulders as he sank down into Lex's pillow. A wet lock of hair tickled by his eye and he pushed it back quickly, then froze with the confused sensation of his own fingers grazing his scalp. Lex always touched his hair, his face. He hadn't really noticed it before now.

He slipped his fingertips down the rough growth on his cheek and jaw.

"I need a shave." Clark traced his jaw-line down to his chin, then brushed the back of his hand back up his cheek, tilting his face into the caress. His fingers were damp from his hair and painted cool streaks over his forehead and down the bridge of his nose. He hesitated for just a moment before lifting his chin to meet them, kissing them gently. "My hair's still a little wet and... Jesus, I want you here, Lex."

"I know. Keep going. Your chest." Not impatient, but anxious. Tense. Good.

Clark tried to ignore the embarrassment that tightened as he touched his chest, one arm lazily lying above his head on the pillow, fingertips brushing the cool wood headboard. He traced slow, long streaks back and forth, grazing his nipples but too shy to pause on them, his hand inching downward over his stomach as he listened to Lex's quickening breath.

"It's smooth, warm...soft." He stopped and sighed as his fingertips tickled low on his belly. "This is weird, Lex. I can't-"

"You don't have to. It's me, not you."

Clark's eyes blinked open at the simple dismissal of his inhibition and he squeezed them shut again, following Lex's confidence all the way back over the phone line. He took a deep breath and waited for Lex to tell him what to do. The quiet seemed to feed his apprehension, and he fought against it, finally breaking the silence himself when Lex didn't speak. "What do I..."

"You're hard." Not even a hint of doubt in Lex's voice, and really, Clark had none either.

He swallowed his shyness and wiped all hint of amusement from his thoughts. "You are, too."

"Yes." The creak of leather filled Clark's ears as Lex shifted. "Clark," another movement and something brushed against the leather, "do something about it."

Driven by the edge of desperation in Lex's voice, Clark kicked the sheet down to the foot of the bed and licked his palm, wrapping his hand around his cock.

His left hand. The soft, warm skin felt foreign this way and he wondered for a split second why he'd never thought to try this before.

It was the wrong angle, but he could work with it. He pushed up on his elbows, yanking the pillows up behind him and folding them so he was propped up. He imagined Lex lying behind him, his legs spread wide so Clark could lie back between them. It worked, and Lex's hand slid around and down over Clark's chest to wrap around his cock, moist and sure.

Lex's voice was closer now, whispering in his ear from Lex's place behind him instead of rising from a machine on the nightstand. "Are you-"

"Yeah." Clark didn't want to hear the words, didn't want Lex to wreck his fantasy by saying something too obvious. "My," Clark sucked in a breath and groaned as he twisted his hand up his shaft, "My left hand."

"Fuck." Lex's moan vied with another noise, something loud and intrusive. Clark turned his face towards the phone, grasping at the false intimacy and wondering vaguely if Lex was okay.


"I'm still here. Just... just hang on a second."

Clark squirmed back into the pillows, his hand following a slow, easy rhythm that meant Lex was in no hurry. Something muffled the phone and Clark caught a few sparse words in the distance, then Lex was back.

"You didn't stop, did you?"

"No, I..." Clark arched his back a little, lifting his hips to meet his hand. It wasn't easy to keep the rhythm regular with his wrong hand, and he was aching for more, for no more interruptions. "Did you forget to lock the door?"

"Lift your legs up." Lex's voice was lower, his breath rasping on the line now.

The small doubt that slipped from Clark's throat must've made it all the way to Smallville because before he could form a word, Lex was talking again.

"Don't think, just do it."

Clark raised his knees up to the sides of his chest, one hand curling over one calf for balance. "Okay."

"Suck your finger - get it wet."

His hair pulled against the pillow as he shook his head. "Lex, I -"

"Do it."

Clark lifted his free hand to his mouth and slipped a finger inside, swirling his tongue around it, licking the salt-taste, wetting it. As he pulled it from his mouth, he bit lightly, the nerves of his fingertip tingling with the sharp scrape of his teeth. "Okay."

"Now... I want inside." Fast and breathless.

Clark's hand froze in mid air, and he realized Lex could tell him to do anything and he would obey. He groaned his frustration and tightened his fist around his cock, trying to concentrate on the rhythm inside the warm sheath and forget about what his other hand was about to do.

"Don't make me let go of your cock."

Clark jumped just a little at the threat, at the realization that if Lex told him to stop fucking his fist, he'd have to. The head of his cock brushed his forearm as he reached down between his thighs and he moaned, biting his lip.

"Just let me slip inside..." Lex was quiet, sounded more coherent, more focused than he had before and Clark let go of his fear, clinging to the surety in Lex's voice.

The tip of his finger made contact and he circled the clenched hole, the cool, wet fingertip pressing in gently at first, then with more determination. He curled up, his neck straining and stomach muscles flexing, then realized the effort was just adding to his tension and sank back on the pile of pillows behind him, willing his mind to believe that it was Lex he was lying back against. The coolness of the cotton was all wrong - Lex's skin was warm - but the smoothness was right, and the angle was perfect.

His nail scraped just a little and Clark groaned, twisting down into the sensation, hooking his finger and pressing it further inside. He worked it slowly in and out until his body yielded to his efforts, then he matched the rhythms of his hands and tried to remember to breathe.

"God, this is..." The dry pull of his finger wasn't enough and he swiped the end of cock with his thumb, then reached down to smear the slippery liquid on his other fingers. Wrapping his hand back around his cock and picking up where he left off, he slid another finger in beside the first, turning and twisting them both easily with the renewed slickness.

"Lex..." He groaned, wanting to arch back, to relieve the coiled energy in his chest and spine, but he couldn't, couldn't move from his perfect preoccupation. His fingers fucked in and out faster to keep up with the rocking of his hips, with the hand on his cock. "... I... fuck, I'm so close..."

Lex's breath buzzed hard across the line and Clark tilted his head back, willing that breath to blow warm and heavy into his ear.

"Stay with me, Clark. Tell me what it feels like."

"It's almost like..." Clark licked his lips and held his breath for a second, letting the sensation spread through his body, grasping for the control to still his movement and not finding it, not coming even close. "... Like you're inside me."

"Yes, harder... let me fuck you." Lex's voice was a rough and gravelly whisper. So fucking sexy.

"It's hard to breathe, I want..."

"I know, but don't stop. Don't open your eyes."

"... I want more, Jesus, I need more." Clark rubbed his head back against the pillow, aching to have both arms and hands free to reach up and grip the headboard for support. He worked his fingers deeper inside, groaning unabashedly as his hips pumped up and his hand flew along his cock. "More, Lex, please-"

The mattress tilted and Clark's eyes flew open, rolling back in his head as his hand was brushed aside and his cock swallowed. Cool fingers pulled his own slowly from his body and his cock was abandoned to slap wetly on his stomach. The pillows propping him up disappeared and he fell back on the bed a moment before long fingers dug into his hips and pulled. Clark's ass slid further down on the bed, the sheet bunching under him as he was moved.

Lex, here, real. Jesus, it was great. It was mean and perfect and fucking brilliant. He must've been talking as he drove from the office to the penthouse, as he walked through the building and Christ, as he rode the elevator up. Clark shook his head in disbelief, reaching up to wrap a hand roughly around the back of Lex's neck and pull him down for the kiss his mouth still ached for.

His hands rubbed hard, squeezing and kneading Lex's flesh as his body crushed Clark into the mattress and fingers combed through his hair, pulling and claiming. He opened his eyes and saw Lex's cheek before he felt the smooth skin touch his stubbled face. Lex's breath, warm and hard on his ear, and even without the other contact, his body would have pulsed electric from just that.

Lex stretched to the side, reaching for the tube on the nightstand, then knelt up to slick himself. The sight and wet sounds of Lex's hand sliding on his own cock were too much and Clark squeezed his eyes tight, willing Lex to hurry.

When Lex's hips pushed his thighs apart, Clark pulled him down again.

Harsh, hot breath tingled against his ear as Lex whispered. "You need more, Clark? I'll give it to you."

Clark pressed his face into Lex's shoulder, wrapping his arms around in a tight hug as Lex pushed against him, then sank deep inside, opening him with one long, slow push as their mouths met, fast and hard like they'd been apart for months, not hours.

Lex's lips brushed his earlobe as he spoke, sending chills down Clark's spine. "I'll give you anything."

Clark moaned softly and held still, held on tight and let Lex take him, looking up to let Lex stare and stare into his eyes, almost afraid even to blink. The stunning blue sparkled clear and bright, even in the dying light of evening that filtered through the thin curtains.

Lex pushed up on his elbows, kneeling back just a little, separating them everywhere but in their cores, and slowly, gently rocked in and out until Clark couldn't stand the distance that the tease put between them and pulled him back down on top of him. He bit as hard as he dared into the flesh of Lex's shoulder, moaning a protest when Lex growled low and jerked away from his mouth.

Quick hands slid under his legs and lifted them over Lex's shoulders, holding them there in a tight grip as if Clark might consider fighting the position. It was awkward; he felt so exposed like this, but he banished his self-consciousness when Lex's eyes swept down his body, his tongue licking out to wet lips that never stopped spilling the noises Clark loved to hear.

His legs slipped down and he wrapped one arm around Lex's neck, his feet sliding on the sheet as he pushed himself up to meet each thrust, to kiss and taste skin that never seemed smooth enough in his imagination. Lex pressed down on him, their chests rubbing together as they moved, their breath finding the cadence and matching it, matching each other's. They fell into the mercifully steady rhythm, Lex's hand rubbing on his chest, his shoulder, his arm, sliding from his ankle to his thigh, all the way up the inside, open wide and palm pressing heavily on his chest as Lex arched back, bracing himself up, eyes closed and mouth tight with concentration.

Eyes full of Lex, the room dissolving into a shadowed blur behind him, Clark reached back over his head, stretching, his nails scraping against the headboard, his fingertips denting against the edge of the wood. His chest swelled with a deep breath that fed the physical sensations, made him feel even fuller. Lex's eyes flew open and held Clark's as he licked one palm, fingertips tracing down the indentation of his chest and wrapping tightly around his cock.

The pressure on his throbbing erection was heaven. Sheathed and held, Clark curled into it, shoulders lifting as he came, groaning his release around Lex's name.

Pulled from the daze of orgasm by Lex's mouth on his, Clark reached down and grabbed Lex's ass, lifting his own legs higher. He raged against the raw-sensitive sparks on his cock and pulled Lex deeper with more strength than he'd ever allowed himself during sex.

Lex thrived on urgency and abandon and Clark knew it, knew that he could lick a streak up a bare neck, bite a pulsing vein just under Lex's jaw, take an earlobe between his teeth and roll it there, breathe so gently through his nose and send that shock, that jolt, straight to Lex's hips. They pumped harder and Lex's voiced pleasure changed from low moans to pained, desperate grunts as his fists balled the pillow under Clark's head.

The small, close heat of his breath against Lex's ear reflected back on his lips as he whispered. "Fuck me."

Harder, deeper, with a new determination, a renewed fierceness that made Clark feel like he was being devoured, taken, had. He lifted his legs higher, his knees digging into Lex's sides on every down-stroke, his hands wrapping on Lex's throat and face to turn his head so he could lick his way up and suck on the bare, perfect skin of Lex's temple, eyelashes fluttering against his cheek.

Lips swollen and heated, he tilted his chin down and breathed low, soft moans into Lex's ear, "More, Lex. More," and polished off the words with a slow stroke of flat tongue.

Lex's head dug in under his chin and Clark pushed it to the side, letting it fall and tuck in tight against his shoulder. Teeth sank deep into his flesh as Lex tensed and Clark picked up the rhythm for him, jerking his hips up to take Lex deeper. His strength-conscious arms collected and pulled Lex's trembling body against his own, a string of broken words muffled against his shoulder as Lex came.

Clark held the tension in his arms until Lex's body finally stilled and after a long moment, Lex's head turned, his nose pressing in just under Clark's ear, his breath tickling hot against damp skin and hair.

Lex's mouth slid up and found his, taking a kiss, a little rough with the residual passion, tongue licking fast and hard, lips slowing it and letting it linger, deep and sleepy.

He closed his eyes when Lex pulled away, rubbing the backs of Clark's thighs as he eased out and knelt up. Clark brought his legs together and let them fall to the side as Lex moved to lie behind him, his hands still moving, pulling the sheet up to wipe Clark's stomach before tossing it back to the foot of the bed. Lex's fingertips brushed along his side and tucked under his arm to wrap firmly, possessively on his chest.

Clark was slick everywhere, and he shook just a little at the sexy slide of his thighs slipping apart when he turned to whisper over his shoulder. "Did the elevator man hear you?"

Lex pulled him back closer against his chest, a tease in the rocking of the bed and the low, sexy laugh. "I paid him not to."




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